Secondment from University of Seville to Valorem

S. Rubino from University of Seville had a month secondment at Valorem in July 2023 with the purpose:

  • Development, numerical analysis and implementation of reduced order models for the simulation
    of complex flows with dominant convection.
  • Development, numerical analysis and implementation of efficient time-splitting POD-ROMs for the
    Navier-Stokes equations with open boundary conditions.

The main objective has been to numerically investigate a streamline derivative projection-based POD-ROM (Proper Orthogonal Decomposition-Reduced Order Modeling) intrusive technique, which provides the treatment of convective instability for strongly convection dominated and turbulent flows, such as those considered in industrial problems, e.g. the simulation of airflow around wind turbines. The idea has been to use local projection techniques together with hyperreduction strategies. He followed a preliminary study already performed on a linear setting, i.e. for advection-diffusion-reaction problems.
The main aim has been to numerically test in the framework of POD-ROMs an efficient time-splitting approximation of the Navier-Stokes equations with open boundary conditions already performed for Finite Volume FOMs (Full Order Models). In particular, a pressure-correction scheme is considered, with a non-standard way to enforce open-boundary conditions that provides higher pressure and velocity convergence rates in space and time than found in the present state of the art.

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