Seminar 23 May 2024


This seminar of the ARIA project consists of three talks that describe three test suites; talks will be followed by a panel discussion.

The seminar will be organized in the afternoon of Thursday 23 May 2024.


The seminar will be organized online and open to public at the following Webex link:

Presentations and Tutorials

You can find HERE all the tutorials and presentations of the speakers during this event.


The agenda of the seminar is as follows:

Time (CEST)
Thursday, 23 May 2024
14:00Opening speech (Angelo Iollo – ARIA Scientific Coordinator)
14:03-14:30Talk: A collocated model order reduction for advective-dominant PDEs: hyper-reduction
of Ader scheme on evolving chimera meshes
, Michele Giuliano Carlino ( ONERA)
14:30-15:00Talk: Challenges of Residual Minimization-based Model Order Reduction in Car Aerodynamics, Markus Mrosek (VW)
15:00-15:30Talk: Some new results on least-square Petrov-Galerkin projection for parametric PDEs, Tommaso Taddei (Inria)
15:30-16:00Panel Discussion

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