CrowdMP is a Unity project used as an experimentation platform. His main purpose is to ease the implementation of experiments that require any kind of crowds. It provides a base project to immerse participants in homemade environments populated with custom virtual crowds. It also provides many tools/plugins to customize as much as possible the experiment so it can be used for a wide variety of experiments that use virtual crowds. To this end, it offers many different features that can be useful when running experiments such as user controls, trials management, data recording, instructions presentation, etc. It also offers features specific to running experiments with crowds such as a variety of character models, animations and behaviors. Finally, it has been developed to ease the addition of new features in order to be adaptable to a wide range of experiments.


An open source version of CrowdMP, that contains a few less features/plugins for copyright reasons, has been created and is available on a public Inria Git repository.

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