Accepted papers


Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt and Marcel Lippmann. Query Rewriting for DL-Lite with n-ary Concrete Domains (Abstract)

Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt, Patrick Koopmann, Ana Ozaki and Veronika Thost. Metric Temporal Description Logics with Interval-Rigid Names (Extended Abstract)

Franz Baader, Patrick Koopmann and Anni-Yasmin Turhan. Using Ontologies to Query Probabilistic Numerical Data (Extended Abstract)

Franz Baader, Pavlos Marantidis and Alexander Okhotin. Approximate Unification in the Description Logic FL0

Jean-François Baget, Meghyn Bienvenu, Marie-Laure Mugnier and Michaël Thomazo. Answering Conjunctive Regular Path Queries over Guarded Existential Rules

Labinot Bajraktari, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus. Clopen Knowledge Bases: Combining Description Logics and Answer Set Programming

Michael Benedikt, Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Egor V. Kostylev. Source Information Disclosure in Ontology-based Data Integration (Extended Abstract)

Meghyn Bienvenu, Stanislav Kikot, Roman Kontchakov, Vladislav Ryzhikov and Michael Zakharyaschev. On the Parametrised Complexity of Tree-Shaped Ontology-Mediated Queries in OWL 2 QL

Meghyn Bienvenu, Stanislav Kikot, Roman Kontchakov, Vladislav Ryzhikov and Michael Zakharyaschev. Optimal Nonrecursive Datalog Rewritings of Linear TGDs and Bounded Hypertree-Width Queries

Stefan Borgwardt, Ismail Ilkan Ceylan and Thomas Lukasiewicz. Ontology-Mediated Queries for Probabilistic Databases (Extended Abstract)

Camille Bourgaux and Anni-Yasmin Turhan. Temporal Query Answering in DL-Lite over Inconsistent Data (Extended Abstract)

Markus Brenner and Birte Glimm. Incremental Materialization Update via Abstraction Refinement

Diego Calvanese, Marlon Dumas, Fabrizio Maria Maggi and Marco Montali. Semantic DMN: Formalizing Decision Models with Domain Knowledge

David Carral, Dragoste Irina and Markus Krötzsch. Answering Conjunctive Queries for Expressive DLs with the Restricted Chase

Ismail Ilkan Ceylan, Stefan Borgwardt and Thomas Lukasiewicz. Most Probable Explanations for Probabilistic Database Queries (Extended Abstract)

Víctor Gutiérrez Basulto, Jean Christoph Jung and Yazmín Angélica Ibáñez García. Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles in Description Logics with Nominals

Víctor Gutiérrez Basulto, Jean Christoph Jung and Yazmín Angélica Ibáñez García. On Query Answering in Description Logics with Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles

Peter Hansen and Carsten Lutz. Computing FO-Rewritings in EL in Practice: from Atomic to Conjunctive Queries

André Hernich, Carsten Lutz, Fabio Papacchini and Frank Wolter. Horn-Rewritability vs PTime Query Answering for Description Logic TBoxes

Alexey Ignatiev, Joao Marques-Silva, Carlos Mencía and Rafael Peñaloza. Debugging EL+ Ontologies through MUS Enumeration

Jean Christoph Jung, Carsten Lutz, Mauricio Martel and Thomas Schneider. Query Conservative Extensions in Horn Description Logics with Inverse Roles

Yevgeny Kazakov, Pavel Klinov and Alexander Stupnikov. Towards Reusable Explanation Services in Protege

Yevgeny Kazakov and Denis Ponomaryov. On the Complexity of Semantic Integration of OWL Ontologies

Yevgeny Kazakov and Peter Skočovský. Enumerating Justifications using Resolution

Markus Krötzsch, Maximilian Marx, Ana Ozaki and Veronika Thost. Reasoning with Attributed Description Logics

Carsten Lutz and Leif Sabellek. Ontology-Mediated Querying with EL: Trichotomy and Linear Datalog Rewritability

Charalampos Nikolaou, Egor V. Kostylev, George Konstantinidis, Mark Kaminski, Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Ian Horrocks. The Bag Semantics of Ontology-Based Data Access

Sebastian Rudolph and Lukas Schweizer. Not too Big, Not too Small… Complexities of Fixed-Domain Reasoning in First-Order and Description Logics

Marvin Schiller, Florian Schiller and Birte Glimm. Testing the Adequacy of Automated Explanations of EL Subsumptions

Yizheng Zhao and Renate A. Schmidt. Role Forgetting for ALCOQH(universal role)-Ontologies Using an Ackermann Approach



Abdallah Arioua, Madalina Croitoru, Abdelraouf Hecham and Gem Stapleton. An empirical evaluation of argumentation in explaining inconsistency tolerant query answering

Alessandro Artale, Marco Montali, Simone Tritini and Wil van der Aalst. Object-Centric Behavioral Constraints: Integrating Data and Declarative Process Modelling

Stefan Borgwardt, Marco Cerami and Rafael Peñaloza. Łukasiewicz Fuzzy. EL is Undecidable

Arina Britz and Ivan Varzinczak. Towards defeasible SROIQ

Jieying Chen, Michel Ludwig, Yue Ma and Dirk Walther. Computing Subsumption Justifications of Ontologies

Roberto Confalonieri, Oliver Kutz, Nicolas Troquard, Pietro Galliani, Rafael Peñaloza, Daniele Porrello and Marco Schorlemmer. Coherence, Similarity, and Concept Generalisation

Olga Gerasimova, Stanislav Kikot, Vladimir Podolskii and Michael Zakharyaschev. On the Data Complexity of Ontology-Mediated Queries with a Covering Axiom

Birte Glimm, Yevgeny Kazakov and Trung-Kien Tran. Scalable Reasoning by Abstraction in DL-Lite

Arash Karimi, Heng Zhang and Jia-Huai You. Beyond Skolem Chase. A Study of Finite Chase under Standard Chase Variant

Adrian Nuradiansyah, Franz Baader and Daniel Borchmann. The Identity Problem in Description Logic Ontologies

Rafael Peñaloza, Carlos Mencía, Alexey Ignatiev and Joao Marques-Silva. Lean Kernels in DLs (Extended Abstract)

David Tena Cucala, Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Ian Horrocks. Consequence-based Reasoning for Description Logics with Disjunction, Inverse Roles, and Nominals

David Toman and Grant Weddell. On Partial Features in the DLF Dialects of Description Logic with Inverse Features

Despoina Trivela, Giorgos Stoilos and Vasilis Vassalos. A Framework and Positive Results for Query Answering over Inconsistent Description Logic Knowledge Bases



Labinot Bajraktari, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Šimkus. Goal-oriented type-based reasoning for expressive DLs

Loris Bozzato, Luciano Serafini and Gaetano Calabrese. CKR:Live Demo: Using Contexts and Exceptions for Representing Evolving Knowledge States

Germán Alejandro Braun, Christian Gimenez, Laura Cecchi and Pablo Fillottrani. Towards a Visualisation Process for Ontology-Based Conceptual Modelling

Germán Alejandro Braun, Matias Pol’La, Laura Cecchi, Agustina Buccella, Pablo Fillottrani and Alejandra Cechich. A DL Semantics for Reasoning over OVM-based Variability Models

Gianluca Cima. Preliminary results on Ontology-based Open Data Publishing

Henrik Forssell, Daniel P. Lupp, Martin G. Skjæveland and Evgenij Thorstensen. Reasonable Macros for Ontology Construction and Maintenance

Laura Giordano and Daniele Theseider Dupre’. ASP for Minimal Entailment in a Rational Extension of SROEL (Extended Absrtact)

Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Gian Luca Pozzato and Riccardo Renzulli. An Efficient Reasoner for Description Logics of Typicality and Rational Closure

Nadia Labai, Martin Homola and Magdalena Ortiz. Constructive Satisfiability Procedure for ALC^P(Z) (Preliminary Report)

Martin Leinberger, Ralf Lämmel and Steffen Staab. The essence of functional programming on semantic data

Yuri Malheiros and Fred Freitas. Unification in EL for Competency Question Generation

Enrique Matos Alfonso and Giorgos Stamou. Rewriting Queries with Negated Atoms

Razieh Mehri and Volker Haarslev. Applying Machine Learning to Enhance Optimization Techniques for OWL Reasoning

Maximilian Pensel and Anni-Yasmin Turhan. Quantification in Defeasible DLs matters again (Extended Abstract)

Júlia Pukancová and Martin Homola. Tableau-Based ABox Abduction for the ALCHO Description Logic

Christos Rantsoudis, Guillaume Feuillade and Andreas Herzig. Repairing ABoxes through active integrity constraints

Paula Severi. Complexity of Consistency and Query Answering in Description Logics with Metamodelling

Nikoo Zolfaghar Karahroodi and Volker Haarslev. A Consequence-based Algebraic Calculus for SHOQ



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