The venue is located in the historic center (Ecusson). The historic center is compact, so if you book accommodation within or close to the center, then you can easily reach the venue by foot. Otherwise, the venue can also be reached by a combination of public transit and walking. 


You can find information on different accommodation options on the website of the Office of Tourism. Booking an apartment (via airbnb or local agencies) can be a very interesting option, as there are a large number of apartments available for rent in the historic center. We give below a (non-exhaustive) list of good hotels of various categories within the historic center. 


Important: There are many tourists visiting Montpellier in July, so please make sure to book your accommodation well in advance to ensure the best choice of options. Even if you are not sure to attend the workshop, you may nonetheless want to book a room in a hotel offering free cancellation.


Some hotels within the historic center (ordered by walking time / distance to the workshop) (2*) (3 min / 300 m) (12 min / 1 km) (2*) (13 min / 1 km) (2*) (13 min / 1 km) (4*) (13 min / 1 km) (2*) (14 min /1,1 km) (3*) (14 min / 1,1 km) (3*) (14 min / 1,1 km) (3*) (15 min / 1,2 km) (3*) (15 min / 1,2 km) (2*) (17 min / 1,3 km) (4*) (17 min / 1,3 km) (4*) (18 min / 1,5 km)

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