Welcome to EKAW2018

The 21st International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management is in concern with all aspects about eliciting,
acquiring, modeling and managing knowledge, and the construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services for the semantic web,
knowledge management, e-business, natural language processing, intelligent information integration, and so on.

The special theme of EKAW 2018 is “Knowledge and AI”. We are indeed calling for papers that describe algorithms, tools, methodologies, and applications that exploit the interplay between knowledge and Artificial Intelligence techniques, with a special emphasis on knowledge discovery. Accordingly, EKAW 2018 will put a special emphasis on the importance of Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management with the help of AI as well as for AI.

In this way, EKAW 2018 welcomes papers dealing with theoretical, methodological, experimental, and application-oriented aspects of knowledge engineering and knowledge management. In particular, but not exclusively, we are expecting papers about methods, tools and methodologies relevant to the following topics: knowledge and AI, knowledge discovery, knowledge management, knowledge engineering and acquisition, social and cognitive aspects of knowledge representation, and applications in specific domains (see details in the different CFPs).

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