Venue & Accomodation

La Saline Royale of Arc-et-Senans

The Saline Royale (royal saltworks) is one of the first industrial sites in France, built by the utopist architect Nicolas Ledoux (1736–1806) in Arc-et-Senans (Doubs, France). It has been labelled World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Graphyz2 is the first scientific meeting to be held at the Saline.

On-site accommodation

On-site accommodation (free upon registration) is available at La Saline Royale, mostly in the form of twin/triple rooms and dormitories. Accommodation preferences can be specified upon registration. If you are already forming a group ready to share a room, just let us know in the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.


If you wish to book your own accommodation and/or extend your stay and visit the regions of Doubs and Jura, either before or after the conference, the following options are available, at your own cost:

Hotel in Arc-et-Senans

Bed and Breakfast

A list of ‘Bed and Breakfast’ as well as ‘Gites and Furnished’ are available at

It is possible to narrow down the search to the neighboring villages of Arc-et-Senans, Myon, Chissey-sur-Loue and Port-Lesney

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