Inria-Brasil Workshop- Artificial Intelligence and its Applications- 11 April 2024

Inria and LNCC organize thematic workshops (in hybrid mode) with the aim of bringing together Inria and Brazilian teams working on the same theme to foster new collaborations. The first workshop was held on December 19th, 2023 in partnership with PUC-Rio with the theme “Digital Sciences and Energy”.

Inria and LNCC have organized the second thematic Workshop on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Applications” on April 11th 2024 at LNCC, in which Brazilian research groups and Inria teams will present their research works on the topic of AI. The scientific sections are complemented by the presentation of some AI experiences in France and Brazil, and by a panel on France-Brazil AI Cooperation Programs with representatives from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and Brazilian funding agencies.

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The Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications held by the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) and Inria @Petropolis on April,11, 2024 gathered Brazilian and Inria researchers to discuss and collaborate on various areas of artificial intelligence.

Inria Brasil program based on the partnership between the two institutions provided this framework to share ideas, present innovative research and establish new links between researchers.

With 173 registered participants, the workshop offered a valuable opportunity for researchers to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in artificial intelligence and its applications. In addition, there was a large audience of 442 people online. The event was attended by experts from both countries, who enriched the discussions and fostered the development of creative and applied solutions to current AI challenges at a very high level. The success of the workshop can be measured by the quality of the presentations and debates and the collaboration and networking that took place during the event.

LNCC Director of Inria-Brasil, Fréderic Valentin, points out that “the subject of artificial intelligence and its interrelationships with computational modeling, data science and high-performance processing is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges in scientific computing today (the area called “Scientific AI”). I consider the exchange of experiences in Scientific AI between the different French and Brazilian research groups during the Inria Brasil event to be fundamental. In fact, the collaboration between Inria, LNCC and the main Brazilian universities was strengthened, and important contacts were established with representatives of the high-tech industry in Brazil. The large number of participants at the event indicates a promising future for Scientific AI in Brazil, with the Inria Brasil program being one of the pillars of this important scientific challenge.”

In the words of Dexl Lab-LNCC Coordinator Fábio Porto, “The Inria-LNCC workshop on artificial intelligence and its applications showed the quality of research in the area of artificial intelligence carried out at Inria, LNCC and French and Brazilian partners, both in academia and industry. The MCTI’s digital transformation coordination, which supported the LNCC in structuring the recently established AI Institute, participated also to the event, (…) also highlighting the discussions around the use of artificial intelligence techniques in applications in various areas, such as oil and gas, climate change and extreme events.”

This recognition not only celebrates the work done, but also motivates and inspires everyone to continue contributing to the advancement of science and international collaboration in the area of artificial intelligence and various others, as a source of learning, inspiration and connections for all participants, and that the fruits of this collaboration continue to manifest themselves in future research and projects,” says Fábio Borges, Director of LNCC.

Congratulations to the Scientific Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Speakers and all the professionals involved in holding the event, showing appreciation for the joint effort to make the event a success.

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