Perceptual Evaluation of Space in Virtual Environments
Muhammad Usman, Brandon Haworth, Glen Berseth, Mubbasir Kapadia

Patch Green Coordinates based Interactive Embedded Deformable Model
Weixin Si, Jing Lu, Xiangyun Liao, Qiong Wang, Jing Qin, Pheng-Ann Heng

Adult2Child: Dynamic Scaling Laws to Create Child-Like Motion
Yuzhu Dong, Sachin Paryani, Neha Rana, Aishat Aloba, Lisa Anthony, Eakta Jain

Position-Based Multi-Agent Dynamics for Real-Time Crowd Simulation
Tomer Weiss, Alan Litteneker, Chenfanfu Jiang, Demetri Terzopoulos

A Perceptual Evaluation of Social Interaction with Emotes and Real-time Facial Motion Capture
Erik Pettersson, Veronica Sundstedt

Crowd Sourced Co-design of Floor Plans using Simulation Guided Games
Nilay Chakraborty, Brandon Haworth, Muhammad Usman, Glen Berseth, Petros Faloutsos, Mubbasir Kapadia

Inverse Kinematics Problems with Exact Hessian Matrices
Kenny Erleben, Sheldon Andrews

Improvements to Hierarchical Pathfinding for Navigation Meshes
Vahid Rahmani, Nuria Pelechano

Normalized Euclidean Distance Matrices for Human Motion Retargeting
Antonin Bernardin, Ludovic Hoyet, Antonio Mucherino, Douglas Gonçalves, Franck Multon

Virtual Cinematography Using Optimization and Temporal Smoothing
Alan Litteneker, Demetri Terzopoulos

MechVR: A physics-based proxy for locomotion and interaction in a virtual environment
Victor Zordan, Saurabh Hindlekar, W. Garrett Mckay, John Welter, J. Emerson Smith III, Kunta Lowe, Carlos Marti, R. Austin Taylor

Efficient Collision Detection for Example-Based Deformable Bodies
Ben Jones, Joshua Levine, Tamar Shinar, Adam W. Bargteil

Accurate Online Alignment of Human Motor Performances
Felix Hülsmann, Andreas Richter, Stefan Kopp, Mario Botsch

Busy Beeway: A Game for Testing Human-Automation Collaboration for Navigation
Torin Adamson, Hao-Tien (Lewis) Chiang, Meeko Oishi, Lydia Tapia

Human Character Balancing Motion Generation based on a Double Inverted Pendulum Model
Jaepyung Hwang, Gangrae Park, Il Hong Suh, Taesoo Kwon

Reclustering for Large Plasticity in Clustered Shape Matching
Michael Falkenstein, Ben Jones, Joshua A. Levine, Tamar Shinar, Adam W. Bargteil

Characterizing the Relationship between Environment Layout and Crowd Movement using Machine Learning
Weining Liu, Kaidong Hu, Sejong Yoon, Vladimir Pavlovic, Petros Faloutsos, Mubbasir Kapadia

Lattice-Guided Human Motion Deformation for Collision Avoidance
Masaki Oshita

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