Several software and tools have been developed (or co-developed) by the SRP and PhD students during the project:

GNOMON project – The MOSAIC, SERPICO/STED and HYBRID teams have collaborated in order to build a software (GNOMON,, ongoing since 2018, License LGPL3, 2021-2024), dedicated to the analysis, visualization, and simulation of morphogenesis of living organisms and intracellular dynamics.  We made a special effort to make bridges with the technical solution developed in the BioImageIT project ( focused on interoperability between software and data management in one hand, and on the other hand, with the web-based 3D+Time browser MorphoNet ( The aim was to reach a software quality that will enable the diffusion of the platform, starting with the immediate collaborators of the partners. The software is currently entering a phase of beta-testing among close collaborators of the team, who will provide some key feedback on real use cases.

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