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External partners


3 PhD students and 1 Starting Research Position (SRP), 3 ADT-engineers, and 2 master students have been recruited during the project. Each PhD student was supervised by 2-3 teams.

Starting Research Position (SRP)

  • C.A. VALADES-CRUZ (Sep 2019 – Oct 2020), supervised by J. Salamero and C. Kervrann (SERPICO/STED):  C.A. Valades-Cruz provided Lattice Light Sheet raw data, 3D endosomes segmentation maps and particle tracks to G. Fouché (HYBRID) and E. Faure (MOSAIC) for VR experiments and integration into MorphoNet, respectively.
PhD students
  • G. FOUCHÉ (Oct 2019 – Dec 2022), supervised by F. Argelaguet (HYBRID), E. Faure (MOSAIC) and C. Kervrann (SERPICO):  G. Fouché has collaborated with C.A. Valades-Cruz and E. Faure to develop the VR visualization approach (Space-Time Hypercube, Time-Lines).
  • J. HONG (Jan 2020 – Feb 2023), supervised by T. Isenberg (AVIZ) and A. Trubuil (MaIAGE) (also in collaboration with F. Argelaguet (HYBRID) on the selection project): J. Hong conducted a number of interviews with biologists, stablished a set of design requirements for a new interactive tool, and developed a prototype that allows biologists to build cell lineage, based on individual sister cell matching.
  • M. PETIT (Oct 2019 – May 2023), supervised by C. Godin (MOSAIC) and G. Malandain (MORPHEME):  M. Petit developed dedicated methods for image registration and cell-to-cell mapping to analyze long time-lapse series of flora Meristem. Meanwhile, he has collaborated with scientists in charge of the development of the Gnomon software, in particular, to help the integration of an add-on that performs cell membrane tracking and lineage reconstruction.
Master students
  • S. PAPAREUX (SERPICO/STED, Master 2, 2022, 8 months)
  • N. VAN HILLE (AVIZ, Master 2, 2021, 6 months)

  • K. FOURNIER (MOSAIC/HYBRID/SERPICO/STED, CDD Inria, ADT Gnomon, Dec 2021 – May 2023)
  • K. SAMASSA (MOSAIC, CDD Inria, ADT Gnomon, Dec 2021 – Nov 2024)
  • A. LUCIANI (MOSAIC, CDD Inria, ADT Gnomon, Dec 2021 – Nov 2024)

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