We are witnessing an exponential accumulation of personal data on servers of the Internet majors (GAFA), by obligation, or on the Cloud by practical choice of individuals. Once there, their use escapes to any control from the individuals and there are many examples of privacy violations arising from negligence, abusive use or simply to attacks.

The concept of Personal Cloud is an alternative to this unbridled centralization. A Personal Cloud is an architecture giving individuals the ability to store all their digital assets under their control, synchronize between multiple devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) and share it with other individuals or applications. Owning a Personal Cloud means overcoming the constraints imposed by the giants of the Net, and allowing the emergence of a new ecosystem with richer uses truly serving the user.

By building the first Personal Cloud secured by secure hardware, the emerging cooperation between the French startup Cozy Cloud and the SMIS research team opens a new way in the protection and sharing of personal data.

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