Cozy Cloud is a French startup that offers a “Personal Cloud” revolutionizing the management of personal data. The Personal Cloud, as proposed, focuses on the empowerment of the user. The challenge? Make the server a new consumer tool that anyone can administer as easily as his Smartphone and on which it will gather all data and all its web services.

Concretely your Cozy, which is your personal server runs on your own equipment, whether a machine in your living room, internet box, or a machine that you rent from a web host. On your personal Cozy, you find the classic (mail, contacts, calendar), but also robots that connect to your suppliers to retrieve bank statements, invoices, historical consumption data produced by your sensors from your mobile, your home connected, your Internet of Things …

And PlugDB? Well it is the security root of the system. It allows encrypting all sensitive data stored in your Cozy and deciphering it when the user or application that requests it to have sufficient access rights. In short, PlugDB manages all metadata describing your personal environment and securely enforces the chosen sharing rules.

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