WP1: Vessel segmentation and modeling

This WP will aim at building geometrically and topologically accurate models of the brain vasculature from MRA images. These first models will then be used to design the simulation compliant models developed in WP2. The main challenges will consist of building robust methods, able to generate continuous vascular models of sufficient precision from millimetric-resolution data often corrupted by a low signal-to-noise ratio and physiological artifacts.

Persons involved in WP1:

Partner Name Current position
CREATIS Odyssée Merveille (head) Associate Professor
CREATIS Sophie Carneiro (main contributor) PhD student
CREATIS/ URCA Pierre Rougé (main contributor) PhD student
URCA Nicolas Passat (main contributor) Professor
URCA Guillaume Dollé Research Engineer
URCA Christophe Portefaix Research Engineer
LORIA Erwan Kerrien Researcher

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