WP4: Data management and experimental validation

This WP is dedicated to data management, including generation of annotated reference data, software development, to sustain both data generation and experimental validation, and validation with the objective to evaluate the predictivity of simulation approaches developed in WP2 and WP3. This is a transverse WP that will both feed other WPs with experimental and patient data at the beginning of the project and will manage the final validation studies. Making it a full WP aims at involving all partners in the evaluation of the developed methods, to both make sure that results satisfy inputs between linked tasks in different WPs and set medical expertise and evaluation at every step of the process. Moreover, it will give visibility to both open source software and data sets deliverables.

Persons involved in WP4:

Partner Name Current position
LORIA Erwan Kerrien (head) Researcher
CHU Nancy Marine Beaumont (main contributor) Research Engineer
CHU Nancy Bailiang Chen (main contributor) Research Engineer
CHU Nancy René Anxionnat (main contributor) Professor, MD
CHU Nancy Benjamin Gory (main contributor) Professor, MD
CHU Nancy Francois Zhu (main contributor) Medical resident, PhD student
CHU Nancy Emilien Miccard (main contributor) IT Engineer
CREATIS Tae-Hee Cho (main contributor) Professor, Hospital practitioner
CREATIS Odyssée Merveille Associate Professor
CREATIS Carole Frindel Associate Professor
CREATIS/ URCA Pierre Rougé PhD student
CREATIS Méghane Ducroocq PhD student
URCA Nicolas Passat Professor
URCA Stéphanie Salmon Professor
URCA Guillaume Dollé Research Engineer
URCA Christophe Portefaix Research Engineer
LORIA Pierre-Frederic Villard Associate Professor
LORIA Radhouane Jilani PhD student

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