WP3: Predictive simulation of MRI

This WP will aim at predicting the outcome of a simulated intervention, as shown in post-operative MRI. The first 2 tasks will be devoted to improve the predictivity of our perfusion MRI simulator. It will leverage both WP1 and WP2 advances to compute patient-specific information about the arterial tree through CFD simulation. One particular challenge of whole brain simulation of perfusion is to connect flow on the various scales, from carotid artery with diameter of a few mm down to capillaries with diameters on the order of few μm. To do so, we propose a multiscale flow model. Macro-scale flow is accurately modeled using a computational fluid dynamics model and for capillary tissue, we propose a porous media model, where the perfusion is defined as the transition of blood from arterial to venous side. A 3rd task will aim at predicting revascularization by synthesizing MRA images of the vasculature to be restored by EVT.

Persons involved in WP3:

Partner Name Current position
CREATIS Carole Frindel (head) Associate Professor
CREATIS Méghane Ducroocq (main contributor) PhD student
URCA Stéphanie Salmon (main contributor) Professor
URCA Christophe Portefaix (main contributor) Research Engineer
URCA Guillaume Dollé Research Engineer

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