Lab Material

A poster blitz and a poster session will be organized for students who wish to present their own work. The lectures will have associated labs that will allow the students to get hands-on experience and have a closer interaction with the lecturers.

More lab material will be available before the summer school.

Python is common among all the lectures (except lecture of T. Kolda who uses Tensor Toolbox in Matlab).

A “Python bootcamp” by Rich Vuduc is scheduled on Monday, June 17, 2019. The material is available

We will organize a session in which we will help the students install any required software. In addition, we will try to send “pre-summer school” homework with these installation recommendations prior to the meeting.

During the lecture on Languages and tools, the students will become familiar with several languages and tools that can be used in high performance data analytics and they will use Python and TensorFlow for the labs.

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