The program of the V-USAD workshop is shown below. Spatio-temporal coordinates: June 22nd, 2018, 8:30AM, Room 254A.

08:30 Welcome Remarks
08:40 Invited Talk, Antonio Torralba (MIT): TBA
09:20 Oral Presentation 1, Human Action Adverb Recognition: ADHA Dataset and A Three-Stream Hybrid Model, Bo Pang, Kaiwen Zha, Cewu Lu
09:35 Oral Presentation 2, Pay Attention to Virality: understanding popularity of social media videos with the attention mechanism, Adam Bielski, Tomasz Trzcinski
09:50 Invited Talk, Kristen Graumen (UT-Austin): Visual styles in fashion photos
10:30 Poster Session & Break
Learning Fashion By Simulated Human Supervision, Sharon Alpert, Eli Alshan, Nathaniel Bubis, Eduard Oks, Assaf Neuberger
Finding your Lookalike: Measuring Face Similarity Rather than Face Identity, Andrew Gallagher, Amir Sadovnik
Behavior and Personality Analysis in a nonsocial context Dataset, Dario Dotti, Mirela Popa, Stylianos Asteriadis
Ambiance in Social Media Venues: Visual Cue Interpretation by Machines and Crowds, Gulcan Can, Yassir Benkhedda, Daniel Gatica-Perez
From apparent to real age: gender, age, ethnic, makeup, and expression bias analysis in real age estimation, Gholamreza Anbarjafari, Sergio Escalera, Albert Clapes, Egils Avots, Dariia Temirova, Ozan Bilici
11:30 Invited Talk, Sergio Escalera (CVC): Apparent Human Behavior Understanding
12:10 Closing Remarks

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