Secondments from Virtualmechanics to Inria Bordeaux

Juan S. Valverde had a month secondment to Inria Bordeaux in August 2022.

The purpose of the secondment is to establish a series of industrial problems of interest by Virtualmechs that can be tackled with procedures, algorithms and capacities present at Inria.

The work was grouped in 3 different problems:

– Phase change of molten salts as Heat Transfer Fluid in Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) collectors
– Phase change materials for Thermal Energy Storage systems
– Simulation of dense particles flows for applications in CSP central receiver applications in the
framework of high temperature applications (thermochemical applications, Hydrogen
production, etc.)

All of them in the context of Reduced Order Modelling as studied and developed inside ARIA project.

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