Video: dnarXiv, exploring data storage on DNA molecules

Through this series of interviews, we invite you to discover some of the projects of the LabEx CominLabs while learning more about digital sciences.

At the end of 2023, we had the opportunity to talk to four researchers involved in the dnarXiv project, which began in 2020:

Dominique LAVENIER, Research Director, CNRSIRISA, coordinator of the dnarXiv project.
Julien LEBLANC, Research engineer at CNRSIRISA, biotechnology expert for the dnarXiv project.
Elsa DUPRAZ, Lecturer and researcher at IMT Atlantique and Lab-STICC, expert in error-correcting codes for the project.
Gouenou COATRIEUX, Lecturer and researcher at IMT Atlantique and LaTIM, data security expert.

They were able to explain us their role, the issues that led to the project and how they managed to work together by combining their different areas of expertise. The aim of this multidisciplinary project is to achieve proof of concept for data storage on DNA molecules. This type of storage would consume less energy and space, as DNA could be stored for thousands of years in smaller spaces than today’s data centres, without the need for external energy.

With the exponential growth of global data, researchers are exploring DNA as a possible long-term solution.

To find out more about the dnarXiv project, visit the website and to find out more about the PEPR MolecularXiv, go to

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