AI for Education

The track is headed by Colin de la Higuera (LS2N, University of Nantes).

CominLabs will focus on the following issues for its future period. Intelligent and interactive technologies in an educational context involves natural language processing and speech technologies; data mining and machine learning; knowledge representation and reasoning; semantic web; multi-agent architectures; tangible interfaces, and augmented reality. Models of teaching and learning involves intelligent tutoring and scaffolding, educational data mining, learning analytics and teaching support, learning with simulation, and large-scale deployment of AIED (Artificial Intelligence for Education) systems. We will also address issues like evaluation and applications to specific fields, e.g., medicine. These questions will also allow for experimentation in the wild, in Universities and Schools inside CominLabs, or through the Unesco Chair at Nantes University on Open Educational Resources.


Research projects of the track

Project for the period 2020-2024

Projects for the period 2012-2019


Follow-up actions of the track (more information here):

  • Class’Code

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