ICT for Precision Medicine

The track is headed by Guy Carrault (LTSI, University of Rennes).

Considering the results of the 2012-1018 period, precision medicine has emerged as a major focus of CominLabs in the e-health area, with five projects, one start-up, two phase-III clinical trials, and collaborations with the CAMI Labex and GENMED Labex in the health sector. CominLabs will benefit from the strong interactions established with biologists and clinicians, the availability of up-to-date hospital and Eugène Marquis Cancer Centre platforms in Rennes, Brest and Nantes, the long-term partnership with major industrial players (LivaNova, GEMS, Philips, Medtronics, Ansys, etc.) and SMEs (Imascap, Therenva, Medecom and others). It will offer resources needed for all the steps in the process from research to innovation and assessment through demonstrative clinical trials.

For the next period, CominLabs will explore new paths to address breakthrough issues in precision medicine.


Research project of the track

Projects for the period 2020-2024

Projects for the period 2012-2019


Follow-up actions of the track (more information here):

  • Hemisfer-clinical (clinical trials)
  • Neurocort (start-up project)
  • Red-Tox (clinical trials)
  • S3PM-Int (international extension)
  • OSO-AI (start-up project)

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