2022 workshop

December 5, 2022
Jacques-Louis Lions lecture room
building C, ground floor
Inria, 2 rue Simone Iff, Paris 12th district

How to reach us

Also online on TEAMS.


  • 9h45h-10h05 : Welcome coffee
  • 10h05-10h15 : Introduction (Jacques Sainte-Marie (Inria) and Zakia Benjelloun-Touimi (IFPEN))
  • 10h15-10h45 : Multi-coloriage pour factorisations incomplètes (Thomas Guignon)
  • 10h45-11h15 : Interior point methods in optimal control: convergence results and primal dual solving algorithm (Paul Malisani)   presentation Pdf icon
  • 11h15-11h45 : Coffee break
  • 11h45-12h15 : Unconditionally convergent preconditioned Newton’s method for Richards’ equation (Konstantin Brenner)   presentation Pdf icon
  • 12h15-12h45 : Model-order reduction techniques for parametrized variational inequalities (Virginie Ehrlacher, in collaboration with Amina Benaceur, Guillaume Drouet, Alexandre Ern, Sébastien Meunier, and Idrissa Niakh)   presentation Pdf icon
  • 12h45-14h15 : Lunch:
  • 14h15-14h45 : New approach to data-driven variational multiscale reduced order model (Birgul Koc, in collaboration with Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Samuele Rubino, and Traian Iliescu)   presentation Pdf icon
  • 14h45-15h15 : A Deep Statistical Graph Poisson Solver for faster CFD simulations (Thibaut Faney and Jean-Marc Gratien; in collaboration with Matthieu Nastorg, Michele Alessandro Bucci, and Guillaume Charpiat)   presentation Pptx icon
  • 15h15-15h45 : Coffee break
  • 15h45-16h15 : Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) for wind turbine monitoring (Ambroise Cadoret, in collaboration with Jean Charlety, Enora Denimal, Jean-Marc Leroy, Jean-Lou Pfister, and Laurent Mevel)   presentation Pptx icon
  • 16h15-16h45 : Screen2Learn – Harnessing biological diversity: a screening and learning approach (Gregory Batt, in collaboration with Etienne Jourdier and Senta Blanquet)
  • 16h45-16h50 : Conclusion (Martin Vohralík (Inria))

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