New Associate Team

Inria is glad to announce the selection of a new Associate Team within CWI-Inria International Lab as part of the 2018 Inria Associate Team call.
The new team is created in 2018 for 3 years:

  • 6PAC – Making Probably Approximately Correct Learning Active, Sequential, Structure-aware, Efficient, Ideal and Safe
    Benjamin Guedj, MODAL research team, Inria
    Peter Grunwald, Machine Learning Team, CWI

Associate Teams Call 2018

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2018 call for proposals for the Inria Associate Teams program.

The full documentation of the 2018 call for proposals is available on the website:

The Inria researcher coordinating the project on the French side have to submit the online application form on the specific web site:

General timetable:

  • September 27th, 2017: Deadline for submission of joint proposals
  • November–December, 2017: Selection of projects
  • January 31th, 2018: Notification of grants and publication of results

Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC) Van Gogh 2018

The Hubert Curien Partnerships (PHC) are part of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ policy of support to international scientific and technologic exchanges. They are implemented with the support of the French Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Van Gogh is the Franco-Dutch Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC). It is implemented in the Netherlands by the NUFFIC with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (OCW), and in France by the French Embassy in the Netherlands and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MENESR).

See all details about this program here (in french).
Deadline for applications: June 15 2017

Three new Associate Teams

Inria is glad to announce the selection of 3 new Associate Teams within CWI-Inria International Lab as part of the 2017 Inria Associate Team call. The 3 teams are created in 2017 for 3 years.

  • ALE – “Agile Language Engineering” – DiverSE Inria research team (Benoit Combemale) and SWAT team, University of Groningen (Tijs van der Storm)
  • COMMUNES – ” Computational Methods for Uncertainties in Fluids and Energy Systems” – CARDAMOM Inria research team (Pietro Congedo) and Scientific Computing Group, CWI (Daan Crommelin)
  • MDG-TAO – “Data-driven simulations for Space Weather predictions” – TAO research team, Inria (Michèle Sebag) and Multiscale Dynamics group, CWI (Enrico Camporeale)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunity 2017

chercheuse-post-doc_vignetteIn 2017 Inria offers 1 Post-Doc fellowship in the framework of CWI-Inria International Lab. Dealine for application is April 15th, 2017.

Candidates interested in the projects currently supported are welcome to submit their application to a post-doctoral fellowship. Candidates are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the PIs of these projects, either at CWI, or at Inria.