About CWI-Inria

Welcome to CWI-Inria International Lab

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and Inria have constituted a partnership in the context of a so-called Inria International Lab (IIL) in 2016. The purpose of this International Lab is to fund and develop partnerships and collaborative research with international first-class institutions.

A long-term reliable partnership
CWI and Inria have already collaborated successfully over the past decades, and have gotten to know each other as reliable partners. Both institutes are highly valued for the high quality of their research in the field of mathematics and computer science and its relevance for society. By strengthening the cooperation with this partnership agreement, both parties aim to join forces in and intensify their collaboration in the international research arena. By doing so, both partners aim to achieve important scientific results and to acquire joint projects with EU funding.

In 2016, Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria, explained the choice for CWI: “Inria & CWI have been working together successfully for many years already. For us it was a logical step to invite CWI, a long-term reliable partner, to form an Inria International Lab together. We feel connected in relation to scientific content and have an excellent personal relationship as well .”

And Jos Baeten, director of CWI, commented: “CWI and Inria have developed an excellent and solid relationship over the past few years. Our researchers were closely connected in a natural way already, as the content of their work offers an obvious common ground for cooperation. CWI and Inria researchers are complementary to and inspire each other. That creates a stimulating and ambitious environment from which we both profit. CWI is very glad with the formalization and intensification of the partnership, because it will further strengthen and stimulate our cooperation with Inria. “