Research Projects

The Associate Teams program is one of the main instruments for Inria to support Inria International Laboratories.
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In 2020, a new associate team proposal has been retained:

  • 4TUNE – Adaptive, Efficient, Provable and Flexible Tuning for Machine Learning
  • and the associate team ALE (Agile Language Engineering) was renewed for 3 years

In 2018, a new associate team proposal has been retained:

  • 6PAC – Making Probably Approximately Correct Learning Active, Sequential, Structure-aware, Efficient, Ideal and Safe

In 2017, three associate team proposals have been retained:

  • ALE – Agile Language Engineering
  • COMMUNES – Computational Methods for Uncertainties in Fluids and Energy Systems
  • MDG-TAO – Data-driven simulations for Space Weather predictions

Moreover, other collaborations between Inria and CWI research teams are active:

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