NETGCOOP 2020 will take place in Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse. The Institute is located near the village of Cargèse on the west coast of Corsica and provides a relaxing and enjoyable environment that optimizes fruitful scientific interactions.

Accommodations: Single and double rooms are available on-site for participants (places limited). Please refer to the registration page for rates and reservations. Due to room limitations, we recommend students reserving double rooms. They will be contacted for pairing roommates if needed.

Some other options near the conference site are listed below (with approx. walking time):

  • Villa Mignucci, Route du Port, 20130 Cargèse (33 min)
  • Hotel Punta e Mare, Route de Paomia, 20130 Cargèse, France (27 min)
  • Residence Helios, Lieu Dit Menasina, 20130 Cargèse, France (15 min)
  • Résidence Colombara, Rue du Château, 20130 Cargèse, France (26 min)
  • Hotel Cyrnos, S/N Rue De La République, 20130 Cargèse, France (21 min)
  • Residenza l ‘Alivetu Menasina, 20130 Cargèse, France (18 min)
  • Domaine de Saint Pierre, Route de la plage du Pero, 20130 Cargèse, France (36 min)
  • Bel Mare, D 81 Route d’Ajaccio, 20130 Cargèse, France (22 min)

Flights: There are three major airports connecting the Ajaccio (AJA) airport on the island, including Paris Orly (ORY), Marseille (MRS), and Nice (NCE).

Note: For participants transferring at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport, there is a direct shuttle from Paris CDG  airport to Paris ORY airport. Information can be found here.

  • Some flights connecting Paris ORY and AJA:
    March 17:
    Orly (ORY) – Ajaccio (AJA): 09:25 – 11:00 Air Corsica XK771
    Orly (ORY) – Ajaccio (AJA): 16:55 – 18:30 Air Corsica XK773
    Orly (ORY) – Ajaccio (AJA): 21:05 – 22:40 Air Corsica XK777
    March 21:
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Orly (ORY) : 06:55 – 08:30 Air Corsica XK770
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Orly (ORY) : 15:45 – 17:30 Air Corsica XK1101
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Orly (ORY): 18:25 – 20:00 Air Corsica XK776
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Orly (ORY) : 20:00 – 21:40 Air Corsica XK1103
  • Some flights connecting MRS and AJA:
    March 17:
    Marseille (MRS) – Ajaccio (AJA): 9:20 – 10:10 Air Corsica XK151
    Marseille (MRS) – Ajaccio (AJA): 16:40 – 17:30 Air Corsica XK155
    Marseille (MRS) – Ajaccio (AJA): 21:15 – 22:05 Air Corsica XK157
    March 21:
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Marseille (MRS): 07:15 – 08:05 Air Corsica XK150
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Marseille (MRS): 15:30 – 16:35 Air Corsica XK154
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Marseille (MRS): 18:50 – 19:40 Air Corsica XK156
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Marseille (MRS): 19:20 – 20:10 Air Corsica XK156
  • Some flights connecting NCE and AJA:
    March 17:
    Nice (NCE) – Ajaccio (AJA): 9:15 – 10:00 Air Corsica XK101
    Nice (NCE) – Ajaccio (AJA): 21:00 – 21:45 Air Corsica XK105
    March 21:
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Nice (NCE): 08:00 – 08:45 Air Corsica XK102
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Nice (NCE): 18:20 – 19:05 Air Corsica XK106
    Ajaccio (AJA) – Nice (NCE): 19:10 – 19:55 Air Corsica XK106

Shuttle Service (between Ajaccio airport and conference site): The service is free of charge but for organizational purposes, we kindly ask participants to indicate it in the registration form. We highly recommend using this conference shuttle, as public transport is scarce on the island. The exact time and pickup locations will be shortly announced.

Local Public Transportation:

  1. Ajaccio Airport  <–>  Ajaccio Bus Terminal: you can either use a taxi or a bus (4,50 euros, approx. 15 to 20 mins). The bus schedule can be found here, copied as follows:
    • From the airport to the bus terminal, the departures times are: 05h35, 06h40, 07h40, 08h50, 10h20, 11h30, 12h30, 13h25, 14h25, 15h20, 16h20, 17h25, 18h25, 19h35, 20h45, 22h20, 23h20
    • From the bus terminal to the airport, the departures times are: 05h10, 06h00, 07h10, 08h10, 09h20, 10h45, 12h00, 13h00, 13h55, 14h55, 15h50, 16h50, 17h55, 19h00, 20h10, 21h35, 22h50
  2. Ajaccio Bus Terminal  <–>  CargèseThere are only 2 buses per day each way from Ajaccio Bus Terminal to Cargèse. The timetables can be found here, copied as follows:
    • From Ajaccio to Cargèse (8 euros)
      Pick up: 7:30 – Arrival: 8:25 (Monday to Saturday)
      Pick up: 15:45 – Arrival 16:50 (Monday to Friday)
      Pick up: 12:30 – Arrival 13:25 (Saturday)
    • From Cargèse to Ajaccio (8 euros)
      Pick up: 9:15 – Arrival:10:20 (Monday to Saturday)
      Pick up: 15:15 – Arrival 16:20 (Monday to Friday)
      Pick up: 11:45 – Arrival 12:45 (Saturday)
    • No bus on Sundays!
  3. Taxi from the airport AJA to Cargèse: Approx. 100 euros (day time) and 130 euros (night time).
  4. If you wish to drive on your own there, please visit: here

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