Building on MacOS

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1. In the CMake GUI, with the source code path still pointing out the source code of SOFA, set the variable SOFA_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES to the path of your SoftRobots plugin (and SoftRobots.Inverse if needed).

2. Skip this step if you are not concerned by the Inverse part. The plugin SoftRobots.Inverse has a dependency to the qpOASES library. In the SoftRobots.Inverse/extlibs/qpOASES-3.2.0/ file, check that only “include” is uncomment.

#include ${TOP}/
#include ${TOP}/
#include ${TOP}/
include ${TOP}/

Install qpOASES using the following commands:

cd SoftRobots.Inverse/extilbs/qpOASES-3.2.0

If necessary, see

3. Finally, you can start the compilation of the plugin by going into the build directory and launching (depending on your build system):




4. You can now test the plugin by using:

runSofa PATH_TO_SOFA/applications/plugins/SoftRobots/docs/examples/AN_EXAMPLE 
runSofa PATH_TO_SOFA/applications/plugins/SoftRobots/docs/tutorials/AN_EXAMPLE


runSofa PATH_TO_SOFA/applications-dev/plugins/SoftRobots.Inverse/docs/examples/AN_EXAMPLE

NB: Most of the examples provided in the SoftRobots and SoftRobots.Inverse plugins require the SofaPython plugin. This plugin is enabled by default.
The runSofa application has a plugin manager. If you want a plugin library to be loaded by the application you have two options:

  1. Add to your scene a “RequiredPlugin” component (see the modeler application for more information, or the examples provided in the plugin)
  2. Manually add it using the “Edit/plugin manager” of the runSofa application


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