Option 1 : Installing from all-included binaries (v23.06.00)




v23.06.00 v23.06.00(64-bit) v22.12.00

In these binaries you will find a compiled version of SOFA with the SoftRobots, SoftRobots.Inverse, and STLIB plugins. Some tutorials are included with the binaries, you need to install python and numpy to be able to run them. The SOFA binary is located in the bin/ subdirectory.  First steps tutorials for soft-robotics are available in:

  • plugins/SoftRobots/examples/tutorials/FirstSteps
  • plugins/SoftRobots/examples/tutorials/Tripod

Other examples, more general, are available in:

  • share/sofa/examples
  • plugins/*/examples

The SOFA’s users documentation is at this address:
If you have any question please join the SOFA community in the dedicated forum:
For other versions of the binaries:

Option 2 : Adding the plugin binaries to a SOFA install

You can also download the plugin binaries and add it to your install of SOFA by placing the plugin in:

  • (Linux/MacOS) the folder SOFA/install/plugins/
  • (Win) the folder SOFA/install/bin

For the tutorials to work you will need to repeat this procedure with the STLIB plugin.

Option 3 : Installing from source code

STEP 1 : Download SOFA. Get the latest version of SOFA from its dedicated git repository and follow the SOFA download page to build the framework. The plugin follows the unstable version of SOFA:

git clone -b master sofa/master/src/

STEP 2 : Download SoftRobots plugin. Follow these three steps.

2-1. Get the latest version of the SoftRobots plugin from its dedicated git repository:

git clone

2-2. SOFA uses the CMake build system and requires at least version 2.8.8. You can now create a build directory for SOFA and the plugin using the CMake gui, if not already done.

2-3. In the CMake gui, add the plugin path to SOFA_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES.

STEP 3 : Download SoftRobots.Inverse plugin. The plugin has a dependency to SoftRobots plugin, then to use the inverse feature you should download both plugins.

3-1. Get the latest version of the SoftRobots.Inverse plugin from its dedicated git repository:

git clone

3-2. In the CMake gui, add the plugin path to SOFA_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES.

STEP 4 : Build. Follow the build instructions with respect to your OS:

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