July 4th 2016

9h00 – 9h15 : Welcome coffee

9h15 — 9h30 : Welcome talk – Nathalie Mitton

9h30 – 10h30 : Keynote 1 : V2X technologies for the future of connected cars. Prof. Antonella Molinaro, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Italy 

chair : Nathalie Mitton

10h30 – 11h00 : Coffee / tea break

11h00 – 12h30 : Session 1 : Resource allocation 
chair : Cristina Cano

Distributed Scheduling of Enhanced Beacons for IEEE802.15.4-TSCH Body Area Networks – Mengchuan Zou, Jia-Liang Lu, Fan Yang, Mathilde Malaspina, Fabrice Theoleyre, Min-You Wu Best Paper Award

The Cost of Installing a 6TiSCH Schedule – Erwan Livolant, Pascale Minet, Thomas Watteyne

Resource Allocation in Visible Light Communication Networks: NOMA vs OFDMA Transmission Techniques – Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, Iakovos Gialagkolidis, Panagiotis Vamvakas, Symeon Papavassiliou presentation_logo

Kausa: KPI-aware Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-flow in Multi-hop IoT Networks – Guillaume Gaillard, Dominique Barthel, Fabrice Theoleyre, Fabrice Valois presentation_logo

12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch

14h00 – 15h00 : Session 2 : Theory and Communications
chair : Alexandre Mouradian

An Algorithm for K-Connectivity under Pure SINR Model – Flavio Assis

An Original Correction Method for Indoor Ultra Wide Band Ranging-based Localisation System – Nezo Ibrahim Fofana, Adrien  Van Den Bossche, Réjane Dalcé, Thierry Val presentation_logo

Physics-Based Swarm Intelligence for Disaster Relief Communications – Laurent Reynaud,  Isabelle Guérin Lassous

15h00 – 15h40 : Session 3 : PHY/MAC/Routing in Sensors/IoT
chair : Riccardo Petrolo

Routing and TDMA joint cross-layer design for Wireless Sensor Networks – Lemia Louail, Violeta Felea

Optimal flow aggregation for global energy savings in multi-hop wireless networks – Alexandre Laubé

15h40 – 16h00 : Tee/Coffee break

16h00 – 17h00 : Session 4 : DTN/opportunistic networks
chair : Aziz Mbacke

ONRECT:Scheduling Algorithm for Opportunistic Networks – Saima Ali, Andreas Willig presentation_logo

Improving Message Delivery Performance in Opportunistic Networks using a Forced-stop diffusion scheme – Jorge Herrera-Tapia, Enrique Hernández-Orallo, Andrés Tomas, Pietro Manzoni, Carlos Calafate, Juan-Carlos Cano

CIMPL: A Public Safety Tool based on Opportunistic Communication – Waldir Moreira, Antonio Oliveira, Marcos Aurelio Batista presentation_logo

19h30 – onwards : social dinner

July 5th 2016

9h00 – 9h15 : Welcome coffee

9h30 – 10h30 : Keynote 2 : On the design of reliable wireless backhaul networks. Dr. David Coudert, Inria Coati, Sophia Antipolis, France 
chair : Valeria Loscri

10h30 – 11h00 : Coffee / tea break

11h00- 12h15 : Session 5 : Sensors/IoT
chair : Valeria Loscri

A Service Based Architecture for Multidisciplinary IoT Experiments with Crowdsourced Resources – Panagiotis Alexandrou, Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos, Orestis Evangelatos, Joao Fernandes, Gabriel Filios, Marios Karagiannis, Nikolaos Loumis, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Aleksandra Rankov, Theofanis Raptis, Jose Rolim, Alexandros Souroulagkas presentation_logo

RPL Border Router Redundancy in the Internet of Things – Quang-Duy Nguyen, Julien Montavont, Nicolas Montavont, Thomas Noël

Linking the Environment, the Battery, and the Application in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks – Jad Oueis,  Razvan Stanica, Fabrice Valois presentation_logo

Structural Network Properties for Local Planarization of Wireless Sensor Networks (Short Paper) – Florentin Neumann, Daniel Vivas Estevao, Frank Ockenfeld, Jovan Radak, Hannes Frey presentation_logo

12h15 – 14h00 : Lunch

14h00 – 15h00 : Session 6 : Security
chair : Simon Duquennoy

A Privacy-preserving Remote Healthcare System Offering End-to-End Security  – Eduard Marin, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Dave Singelee, Bart Preneel

DTLS improvements for fast handshake and bigger payload in constrained environments – Philippe Pittoli, Pierre David, Thomas Noël

A Novel Algorithm for Securing Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks – Haythem Hayouni,  Mohamed Hamdi presentation_logo

15h00 – 15h40 : Session 7 : VANET and ITS
chair : Nathalie Mitton

SADP: A Lightweight Beaconing-based Commercial Services Advertisement Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Network – Kifayat Ullah, Luz Marina Santos Jaimes, João Ribeiro, Edson Moreira – Best Paper Award

Experimental Evaluation of a Low-Cost Digital Sign-Posts Architecture for ITS Applications –  Carlos Fernandez-Laguia, Juan-Carlos Cano, Carlos T. Calafate, and Pietro Manzoni

15h40 – 16h00 : Tee/Coffee break

16h00 – 17h00 : Session 8 : Robots and MANETs
chair : Jovan Radak

Asynchronous gathering in rings with four robots – Francois Bonnet, Maria Potop-Butucaru, Sebastien Tixeuil

To Mesh or not to Mesh: Flexible Wireless Indoor Communication among Mobile Robots in Industrial Environments – Elnaz Alizadeh Jarchlo, Jetmir Haxxhibeqiri, Ingrid Moerman, Jeroen Hoebeke

Improving QoE using Link Stability for Video Streaming in MANETs – Lokesh Sharma, Chhagan Lal, Deviparsad Sharma

19h30 – onwards  : banquet

July 6th 2016

FIT IoT-lab tutorial – Location : Inria Lille, salle plénière
chairs : Julien Vandaële  and Simon Duquennoy 

You will work by pair on your own computer. So please bring your laptop.

09:30 – 10:00 Welcome – Coffee

10:00 – 12:30

  • Command Line Interface Tools
  • Serial aggregation
  •  Radio monitoring
  •  First experiment and monitoring devices
  •  IoT-LAB demo

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 17:00 

  • a simple example with RIOT
  • a simple example with OpenWSN
  • advanced usage with Contiki
  • smart city case implementation
  • mobility based application

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