Damaris 1.9.0 is released

Version v1.9.0 of Damaris is a feature release for added support of Unstructured Mesh mesh types in the Paraview Catalyst in situ visualization.

This release has added support for polygonal and polyhedral unstructured mesh cell types in the Paraview Damaris server component and also added support for separate x,y and z coordinate arrays in the unstructured mesh XML description Damaris configuration.

The extended unstructured mesh support differs from the original implementation in that it requires explicit cell type information for every cell being rendered. The original implementation used a memory efficient description of the cells that used a section_sizes array to state the number of cells of the same type that were being described (this is as per the Code_Saturne mesh description that was originally being supported). In the latest implementation, the x,y, and z coordinates can be defined as a single variable in array of structures format, or, as separate x, y and z arrays in structure of arrays format. Multiple data-type combinations are supported for describing the mesh arrays.

User documentation of the Damaris Paraview interface and the unstructured mesh description is available in the user documentation.

A set of new examples showing client code and example Damaris XML configuration files are available in the GitLab distribution examples/paraview/polyhedral directory. The demo application need to be built separately to the Damaris library using instructions at the top of the polygon.cpp file. Please note that the polyhedral_2blocks.cpp example does not create the desired output, so currently multi-block Damaris meshes are not supported. See issue 33

Download is available from the Damaris download page.

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