Docker Container

If you want to prepare the Damaris development environment in a docker container, you can simply follow the below simple guide. Up to now, only openSUSE and Debian containers are supported.

To build a new environment with Damaris and all of its dependencies, go to the ./build directory inside Damaris repo and run:

$ docker build -f Dockerfile.suse -t damaris-suse:1.0 .

This command may take around one hour to be completed. During the execution, a fresh image of openSUSE will be downloaded from docker hub and all of the needed libraries for Damaris compilation will be downloaded, built and installed inside it. To build everything on Debian you may run:

$ docker build -f Dockerfile.debian -t damaris-debian:1.0 .

These commands create images, namely damaris-suse and damaris-debian with 1.0 as its tag, based on SUSE and Debian and run the scrip inside them. So, do not forget to update script (as is described here) before creating the docker images. To manage images and containers of docker, you may take a look at  online documents of docker.

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