Damaris is being used in the EuroHPC ACROSS project

The Damaris library is being used within the ACROSS project to improve the I/O performance of one of the three pilot use cases being used in a software-hardware co-design methodology.
The pilot use-case is the OPM flow software which is an open-source code for simulating sub-surface geological flows of mixtures of fluids. The code is being developed to model carbon dioxide capture and storage options over long time scales. The simulations will be computationally demanding and improved I/O will help the performance of the code. The ACROSS project is also supporting the extension of Damaris for in-situ analytics, where embedding Python in conjunction with other distributed analytic libraries (e.g. MELISSA, Ray) is being trialed as a way to query and analyze results of simulations while minimizing the required amount of output data being needed for post-processing. Of course, this will be able to be done asynchronously, with minimal effect on the simulation runtime with the help of Damaris.

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Other analytics libraries


Damaris v1.10.0 is released

Version v1.10.0 of Damaris has a needed update for the Dask access library damaris_dask and a bug-fix for passing through Damaris data as Numpy arrays This release includes improved Dask data sharing in damaris4py library and it provides a fix for the out-of-memory issue that was only seen after prolonged…

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Damaris v1.9.2 is released

Version v1.9.2 of Damaris is a maintenance release Added various small enhancements and potential bug fixes for non null terminated string read from file; enhanced Spack package for Python module installation Download is available from the Damaris download page.

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Damaris v1.9.1 is released

Version v1.9.1 of Damaris is a maintenance release This release adds extra checks for scripts existence from the Paraview and Python XML elements. Python scripts are also now only checked and read by a single server rank and broadcast to other server ranks. Better logging support for flushing the log…

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Damaris 1.9.0 is released

Version v1.9.0 of Damaris is a feature release for added support of Unstructured Mesh mesh types in the Paraview Catalyst in situ visualization. This release has added support for polygonal and polyhedral unstructured mesh cell types in the Paraview Damaris server component and also added support for separate x,y and…

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Damaris 1.8.2 is released

Version v1.8.2 of Damaris is a bugfix/enhancement for the build system when being configured by another project for use via CMake This release modified the DamarisConfig.cmake.in configuration to search for Boost::python and Boost::numpy when ENABLE_PYTHON=ON is specified in the Damaris build. It is a fixe for issue 29 Download is…

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Damaris 1.7.0 is released

Version v1.7.0 of Damaris adds support for asynchronous Python based processing. This Damaris server side plug-in has support for Dask which is a Python distributed runtime engine and opens up a large number of analytic methods that can use Dask data types, these include SciKit-Learn and Tensorflow/Keras. In the Damaris…

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Damaris 1.6.0 is released

This version of Damaris adds a ModifyModel class that enables the XML configuration file to be constructed and saved to programmatically, within C++ source code. Please see the following page for more information in-line-creation-of-damaris-xml-configuration-file. The release also includes logging of the time it takes for Damaris server cores to complete…

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