Damaris is being used in the EuroHPC ACROSS project

The Damaris library is being used within the ACROSS project to improve the I/O performance of one of the three pilot use cases being used in a software-hardware co-design methodology.
The pilot use-case is the OPM flow software which is an open-source code for simulating sub-surface geological flows of mixtures of fluids. The code is being developed to model carbon dioxide capture and storage options over long time scales. The simulations will be computationally demanding and improved I/O will help the performance of the code. The ACROSS project is also supporting the extension of Damaris for in-situ analytics, where embedding Python in conjunction with other distributed analytic libraries (e.g. MELISSA, Ray) is being trialed as a way to query and analyze results of simulations while minimizing the required amount of output data being needed for post-processing. Of course, this will be able to be done asynchronously, with minimal effect on the simulation runtime with the help of Damaris.

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