PRACE Whitepaper published

As part of a PRACE 6IP project, a report on the use of Damaris for improved I/O and in-situ visualization has been published on the PRACE website, entitled “In-situ visualization using Damaris: The Code_Saturne use case”
The report documents the results of instrumenting Code_Saturne, an open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code developed by the EDF (link) with Damaris. Code_Saturne uses finite-volume methods and supports a wide variety of model meshes. In particular it supports unstructured mesh models, which required development of support for these model types within Damaris. This support was released in version 1.5 of Damaris, and although it presently only supports Paraview as a visualization framework it is hoped that VisIt support will be available sometime too.
The report shows some good performance results by using Damaris asynchronous in-situ methods and also shows examples of Damaris core allocation and placement on modern AMD CPU architectures that provide large numbers of cores per node.

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