Damaris v1.10.0 is released

Version v1.10.0 of Damaris has a needed update for the Dask access library damaris_dask and a bug-fix for passing through Damaris data as Numpy arrays

This release includes improved Dask data sharing in damaris4py library and it provides a fix for the out-of-memory issue that was only seen after prolonged streaming of data to a Dask scheduler process. Please see the Dask Discourse page for further details. There has been a fix for a bug in the Numpy wrapping code and it now supports unlimited dimensions for arrays; The Boost Phoenix headers have been updated; There has been a tidy-up of the Damaris Python examples and a re-code of examples/example.cpp so that asserts did not affect code in Release version; A simulation_name() function has been added to the damaris4py library, which returns the value used in the Damaris XML.

Download is available from the Damaris download page.

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