You can download the last stable version of Damaris from its main git repository here. From version 1.1.0, all versions are also tagged in the main repository. To get the code of a specific version of Damaris, just run:

$ git clone
$ git checkout

But if you prefer to download the source files directly as a .tar.gz archive, use the below links to this aim.

Version 1.3.3 – (released on 30/12/2020)

This version includes the following changes:

  • HDF5 storage output now handles multi-dimensional arrays correctly
  • Extended 3dmesh example code to look at various options for writing multi-dimensional arrays
  • Ability to add a comment field (e.g. comment=”this is a comment”) in Damaris configuration file elements Layout, Parameter, Mesh and Variable.

Known issue:

  • as for v1.3.2

Version 1.3.2 – (released on 09/12/2020)

This version includes the following changes:

  • HDF5 storage output now handles cases when a Damaris variable is modified through a damaris_set_parameter() call.
  • CMake flag -DENABLE_EXAMLES=ON installs the compiled example code with the library, with source and required xml files.
  • Spack file added to build/spack/repo/packages/damaris directory.
  • Updating the documentation.

Known issue:

  • damaris.pc package file not created correctly for Paraview version >5.7. This makes using Damaris with Makefile projects difficult, due to large numbers of library dependencies. Current workaround is to use paraview-config –cflags | –ldflags if available in the Paraview install.

Version 1.3.1 – (released on 22/10/2018)

This version includes the following changes:

  • Improved CMake configuration scripts to use the latest CMake features (cmake 3.12.3).
  • Improving the CMake build files to standardize the way the optional dependencies of Damaris can be enabled/disabled.
  • Changing the way that xsd-generated files are being integrated to the code. (Now they are being copied to the build tree instead of being created in the source tree. )
  • Supporting the generation and installation of damaris.pc file, that enables pkg-config to find Damaris and its dependencies.
  • Adding an option to the make process to either generate or not to generate xds-generated files from the .xsd file.
  • Updating the test cases.
  • Updating the build scripts to support the latest versions of Damaris dependencies such as mpich (version 3.2.1) or boost (version 1.67).
  • Updating the documentation.

Version 1.3.0 (ParaView support) – (released on 6/09/2018)

The main features that are introduced in this version are:

  • In situ visualization with ParaView has been supported in this version. You may check the documentation here.
  • The source code of Damaris is now capable to be compiled with C++11 (and higher) compilers. This version does not use boost pointers anymore.
  • A new example has been added to demonstrate how to use Damaris in fortran simulations.
  • A new example has been added to show how plug-ins could be developed in Damaris as a .so object and work with Damaris. The documentation could be found here.

Version 1.2.0 (HDF5 support) – (released on 16/11/2017)

The main features that are introduced in this version are:

  • HDF5 storage backend is supported in this version. Find more in this page about this feature.
  • Some examples that show how to use this feature in Damaris. Check this page to find more about the examples.

Version 1.1.0 (Log support) – (released on 8/8/2017)

This version comes with the following changes and features:

  • The logging capability is now supported. Check this page for more details.
  • The support for building and running Damaris on Docker containers is supported now. Check this page for more information.
  • Adding a new capability to Damaris to add new storage backends such as HDF5. No specific storage backend has been realized in this version. Find more here about this feature.
  • Adding some scripts (in the /build folder) in order to automate the process of making the build environment ready for Damaris. For more information check this page.
  •  Fixing some minor defects in Damaris source code, including some memory leaks.

Previous versions

All the previous versions could be found here in InriaForge under Damaris package.



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