About EPFL-Inria

About EPFL-Inria

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Inria International Lab, two of the major actors in computer science in Europe, bring together academic teams to work on joint research projects in large-scale computing.

The Internet continues to revolutionize all sectors of society, from how we communicate, get information, entertain ourselves, to how we consume and even interact. The increasing volume of data, the explosion of social media, as well as cloud computing applications, present new challenges and make the Internet a scientific and strategically rich field for the entire economy.

The motivation behind this collaboration between Inria and EPFL is to work together on issues such as collecting and processing large amounts of data, respecting privacy, and personalizing and using Internet services. Research will focus on both the practical and theoretical aspects of these subjects: from computer language, program verification and studies of complexity, to system design and deployment.

« The implementation of this partnership is fully in line with the Institute’s strategy to develop collaborations with the best academic partners in Europe and the world. This partnership will allow us to launch new collaborations involving the researchers of the two organizations and to increase their impact on the strategic field of the digital sciences. », Antoine Petit, Chairman and CEO of Inria.

« The processing and exploitation of massive quantities of computer data becomes not only an essential societal issue, but also an extraordinary opportunity to generate new knowledge in fields as varied as, for example, the understanding of the human brain or digital humanities. The tools to be developed in this framework are at the heart of EPFL’s areas of excellence and we are pleased to partner with Inria to further advance this field of research.», Patrick Aebischer, EPFL President.

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