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Postdoctoral grants

Postdoctoral grants are allocated in priority to existing projects.
Candidates interested in the projects currently supported are welcome to submit their application to a post-doctoral fellowship. Candidates are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the PIs of these projects, either at EPFL, or at Inria.

In 2018 Inria offers 1 Post-Doc fellowship in the framework of EPFL-Inria International Lab. Dealine for application is May 11th, 2018.

Applications will include:

  • The summary sheet to be downloaded here;
  • Detailed CV including a description of the PhD work and a list of publications – and 2 selected publications;
  • Research program, work plan and planned visits during the postdoc, and planned duration of the post-doc (12 or 16 months) and the desired starting date (default start date is November 1st, 2017);
  • Motivation letter from the candidate;
  • Recommendations, including recommendation from the EPFL host and the Inria host.

Application must be sent by May 11th, 2018 to Julie Pomponne

Post-docs 2017/2018
  • Imen Mekkaoui, Inria – DEFI team at Inria Saclay – Ile-de-France
  • Andreas Pavlogiannis, EPFL
Post-docs 2016/2017
  • Camille Jeunet, who works at Inria on “BCI – Brain-Computer Interfaces”, in the context of a collaborative project between the HYBRID team at Inria Rennes (Anatole Lécuyer) and the  CNBI at EPFL (José del R. Millán).
  • Baptiste Lepers, EPFL
Post-docs 2015/2016
  • Nicolas Tremblay, who works at Inria on Fast Transformation Graphs, in the context of a collaborative project between the PANAMA team at Inria Rennes (Remi Gribonval) and the LTS lab at EPFL (Pierre Vandergheynst).
  • Jad Hamza, who works at EPFL, on understanding, verifying and correcting consistency in concurrent and distributedsystems in the context of a collaborative project between Victor Kuncak and Barbara Jobstmann at EPFL and Alain Girault and Gregor Goessler at Inria Grenoble.

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