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The Associate Teams program is one of the main instruments used by Inria to support Inria International Laboratories.

An Associate Team is a joint research project created between an Inria project-team and a research team abroad. The two partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan, as well as a program for bilateral exchanges.

In order to promote and develop these scientific collaborations at the international level through the support of high quality research projects, Inria’s Department of International Relations launches an annual call for proposals.

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In recent years, the following associate team proposals were selected:



2017GOP and IoTA


Other past collaborations between Inria and EPFL project-teams:




  • Towards a Neurofeedback Training of Covert Attention in Soccer Goalkeepers – Camille Jeunet
    Anatole Lécuyer, Inria Rennes
    José del R. Millán, CNBI, EPFL
  • Towards proving multicore schedulers – Baptiste Lepers Gilles Muller, Julia Lawall, Inria Paris Willy Zwaenepoel, LABOS, EPFL


  • In-vivo cardiac diffusion magnetic resonanace imaging – Imen Mekkaoui
    Jing-Rebecca Li, Inria Saclay
    Jan Hesthaven, MCSS, EPFL
  • Resource Verification of Concurrent Systems with Data – Andreas Pavlogiannis
    Viktor Kunčak, LARA, EPFL
    Stephan Merz, Inria Nancy


  • Smart Dynamically Adaptive Systems for Future Internet Applications– Vlad Niti
    Rachid Guerraoui, LPD, EPFL
    Francois Taiani, Inria Rennes
  • Efficient rendering of large-scale datasets using adaptive precision –Guillaume Loubet,
    Wenzel Jakob, RGL, EPFL
    Nicolas Holzschuch , Inria Grenoble


  • Crosswalk: Learning Aligned Word and Entity Embeddings (Alberto Duran)
    Marc Tommasi, Inria Lille
    Robert West, DLAB, EPFL
  • Federated Gans ( visit A. Guirguis)
    Erwan Le Merrer, Inria Rennes
    Rachid Guerraoui, DCL, EPFL

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