Associate team MMINCARAV – Multimodal Microstructure-Informed Neuronal Connectivity: Acquisition, Reconstruction, Analysis and Validation

Principal investigators
Dr Emmanuel CaruyerVISAGES research team, Inria
Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran, LTS5, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The objectives of this associate team will be to address new scientific challenges related to the use of multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to derive microstructure indices and apply them to the measure of brain connectivity. We will focus on 4 aspects of this: first we will develop novel sampling techniques, with the objective to reduce acquisition time for the accurate reconstruction of microstructure indices using diffusion MRI; next we will propose joint T2 relaxometry and diffusion models for the description of microstructure, to take advantage of the complementarity of both modalities in the estimation of microstructure indices; in continuation, we will propose new statistical and network analysis methods using the microstructure-informed connectome, and evaluate its potential to reduce bias and false positives; last we will develop a realistic simulation tool combining a fine macroscopic description of fiber bundles, with a fast and realistic simulator at the mesoscopic scale developed by LTS5.

Keywords: Statistics and learning, Image processing and analysis, Sparse modelling and image representation, Signal processing, Modelling, simulation and control, Modelling the brain and the central nervous system , Neuro-degenerative disease, Brain imaging

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