Workshop 2016

Workshop Inria/EPFL 2016

The second workshop took place on January 13th, 2016 at Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique Research Centre

Registration: the registration is free but please register to the event from the registration form

8:30: Welcome

9:15 – Jim Larus and Thierry Priol – Introduction
9:30 – Christos Kozyrakis (EPFL)No tradeoff: Low Latency and High Efficiency

10:15: Break

10:45 – Marc Shapiro (Inria) – “Deconstructing consistency in three dimensions
11:30 – Collaborative projects:
Nicolas Tremblay (Inria-EPFL) – “Graph signal processing for clustering
Nupur Mittal (Inria) – “Privacy Conscious Information Diffusion in Social Networks

12:30: Lunch and discussion time

14:15 – Bryan Ford (EPFL)Collective Authorities: Securely Decentralizing Trust at Scale

15:00 – Xavier Leroy (Inria) – “Tools you can trust: formal verification of compilers, code generators, and static analyzers

15:45: Break and discussion time

16:30 – Collaborative projects:
Jad Hamza (EPFL-Inria) – “Algorithmic verification of concurrent and distributed data structures
Pamela Delgado (EPFL) – “Hawk: Hybrid Datacenter Scheduling

17:30: Wrap up and discussion

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