Workshop 2015

Workshop Inria/EPFL 2015

The first workshop took place in January, 2015.


January 9th, 2015- EPFL – BC 420
9:00 Opening


9:15 Willy Zwaenepoel, EPFL – Analytics on Graphs with a Trillion Edges

Download the slides here

9:45 Frédéric Desprez, Inria – Grid’5000: Running a Large Instrument for Parallel and Distributed Computing Experiments

Download the slides here

10:15- 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 François Baccelli, Inria & UT Austin – High dimension stochastic geometry and information theory

11:15 Jean-Yves Le Boudec, EPFL – Real-Time Control of Microgrids with Explicit Power Setpoints

Download the slides here

11:45 Éric Fleury, Inria – Show me your network, I’ll tell you who you are

12:30 Lunch Break


14:00 Serge Abiteboul, Inria – Collaborative access control in Webdamlog

You can download the slides here

14:30 Christoph Koch, EPFL – Scalable and Adaptive Online Joins

15:00 Babak Falsafi, EPFL – Big Data & Dark Silicon: Taming Two IT Trends on a Collision Course

Download the slides here

15:30-16:00 Coffee-Break


16:00 Barbara Jobstmann, EPFL – Program Repair without Regret

16:30 Gilles Muller, Inria – Coccinelle, a program matching and transformation tool for system code

Download the slides here

17:00 Albert Cohen, Inria – Scheduling Dataflow Graphs on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

Download the slides here

17:30 Victor Kuncak, EPFL – Synthesizing Computable Functions from Relations

Download the slides here

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