Inria Brasil Scientific Workshop

In memory of Artur Ziviani


This first Inria Brasil scientific workshop will present some successful results and projects between Brazilian and Inria research teams. The workshop is jointly organized by LNCC and Inria and will take place virtually on Friday 18 June, 14h-17h30  FR time / 9:00-12:30 BR time.

**The registration is closed.** If you want to follow the event on Youtube, please contact to get the link.**

Program (FR time (BR time))

14h00-14h10 (09:00–09:10)   Welcome – Fábio Borges de Oliveira (Director of LNCC) and Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau (Deputy CEO for Science, Inria)

14h10-14h20 (09:10–09:20)   Introduction – Frédéric Valentin (LNCC) and Patrick Valduriez (Inria)

Session 1- Data Science, AI and Scientific Computing

14h20-14h40 (09:20–09:40)   Associate Team HPDaSc: High Performance Data Science. Fabio Porto (LNCC)

14h40-15h00 (09:40–10:00)   Project MATH AmSud EOLIS: Efficient Off-Line numerical Strategies for multi-query problems. Théophile Chaumont (ATLANTIS Inria team)

15h00-15h20 (10:00-10:20)     Project STIC AmSud SAQED: Scalable Approximate Query Evaluation on Document Inverted Files for GPU based Big-Data Applications. Hermes Senger (Universidade Federale de Sao Carlos)

15h20-15h40 (10:20-10:40)     Project CLIMAT AmSud Green AI and Associate Team SusAIn: Green and Sustainable Artificial Intelligence. Nayat Sanchez-Pi (Inria Chile)

15h40-15h50 (10:40-10:50)     Break

Session 2- Health and bioinformatics

15h50-16h10 (10:50-11:10)      Associate Team MoCoVec: Modelling and Biological Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: the case of Malaria and Dengue. Cláudia Pio Ferreira and Pierre-Alexandre Bliman (MAMBA Inria team)

16h10-16h30 (11:10-11:30)      Associate Team MOUSTIQ: Modelization and control of infectious diseases, wave propagation in heterogeneous media and nonlinear dispersives equations. Ludovick Gagnon (SPHINX Inria team)

16h30-16h50 (11:30-11:50)      Associate Team CACAO: Lower limb electrical stimulation for function restoration. Ronan LeGuillou (CAMIN Inria team) and Emerson FACHIN-MARTINS (Universidade de Brasilia)

16h50-17h10 (11:50-12:10)      Associate Team CAPOEIRA: Computational approaches with the objective to explore intra and cross-species interactions and their role in all domains of life.  Marie-france Sagot (ERABLE Inria team)

17h10-17h30 (12:10–12:30)     Closing Remarks – Frédéric Valentin (LNCC) and Patrick Valduriez (Inria)



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