Selected Contributions

Dynamic assessment of supernumerary tails for balance augmentation
Sajeeva Abeywardena — Eisa Anwar — Stuart Miller —  Ildar Farkhatdinov, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Synergy-based Controller for Upper-body Training and its Effects on Motor Behavior
Ana C. De Oliveira — Ashish D. Deshpande, University of Texas Austin, USA

Robot Motion Affects Human Force Regulation in Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Mahdiar Edraki — Pauline Maurice — Dagmar Sternad, Northeastern University, USA and LORIA-CNRS, France

Trajectory Optimization for Shared Control of Lower-Extremity Assistive Exoskeletons
Taylor M.Higgins — Gabriel Bravo-Palacios — James P. Schmiedeler — Patrick M. Wensing, University of Notre Dame, USA

Toward Active pHRI: Quantifying the Human State During Interactions
Yue Hu — Naoko Abe — Mehdi Benallegue — Natsuki Yamanobe — Gentiane Venture — Eiichi Yoshida, University of Waterloo, Canada and CNRS-AIST JRL, Japan and University of Sydney, Australia and University of Tokyo, Japan

Using Novel Walking Data to Personalize Intended Gait Speed Estimation for Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Users
Roopak M. Karulkar — Patrick M. Wensing, University of Notre Dame, USA

Towards a Neuromusculoskeletal Platform to Simulate Healthy and Deficient Gait with Assistive Devices
L. Le Pape — P. Henaff — T. Shibata — R. Kawamoto — T. Yoshitake, LORIA, France

Trends in the Design of Control Mappings for Non-Anthropomorphic Appendages
Jennifer Molnar — Sonia Chernova, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Investigating Haptics-Supported Spatial Perception with the OptiBand: A Wearable Haptic Feedback Device
Ryan Quick — Anisha Bontula — Karina Puente — Naomi T. Fitter, Oregon State University, USA

Robot-Assisted Intervention for Subacute Stroke Patients with the Maestro Hand Exoskeleton
Job D. Ramirez — Paria Esmatloo — Saad N. Yousaf — Kristen Coupland — Na Jin Seo — Ashish D. Deshpande, University of Texas at Austin, USA and Medical University of South Carolina, USA

Equilibrium-point Control for Soft Pneumatic-Based Wearable Robots with Joint Antagonism
Jonathan Realmuto — Terence Sanger, University of California Riverside, USA and University of California Irvine USA

Human-Exoskeleton Interfaces Design and their Impact on Interaction
Dorian Verdel — Guillaume Sahm — Simon Bastide — Olivier Bruneau — Basien Berret — Nicolas Vignais, Université Paris-Saclay, France and ENS Paris-Saclay, France

Performing Activities of Daily Living with a Fully Actuated 9-DOF Shoulder and Arm Exoskeleton
Yves Zimmermann — Marco Hutter, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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