The QuiXPath language is a large fragment of XPath 2.0 with backwards compatibility. QuiXPath can be used standalone and is hosted in QuiXSLT, QuiXProc and QuiXSchematron.

Free open source (with less coverage) and a professional version are available.

Try it for free on the Test Machine.

Key Features

  • Large coverage: joins, aggregate functions (sum, count,…), backward axis (preceding, ancestor…).
  • Minimal buffering.
  • Compile XPath to network of nested word automata.

Key Benefits

  • Easy training since XPath is a W3C standart.
  • Covert 95% of XPathMark benchmark
  • Provide efficient streaming algorithms for XPath.

Which fragment of XPath 2.0 is currently supported by QuiXPath?

Syntactically, QuiXPath follows the official XPath W3C Recommendation (even though it does not implement the full standard) . The current version of QuiXPath supports the following features:

  • aggregate functions: sum, avg, min, max, count…
  • number functions: ceiling, floor, round…
  • string functions: concat, starts-with, contains…
  • positions
  • filter: conjunction, disjoinction, negation
  • relative operators: <, ≤, =, ≥, >, ≠
  • axis: child:: (/), descendant::, descendant-ot-self:: (//), ancestor(..), attribute(@), preceding, following…
  • node tests: node(), text(), comment(), wildcard (∗) or a tagname with their namespace

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