The W3C standard XProc is a pipeline language by which to compose programs for XML validation, querying, and transformation. QuiXProc is an implementation of XProc for XML streams that is based on QuiXPath and X-Fun. We want QuiXProc to become a mainstream tool to process Structured and Unstructured Data, preserving high quality, high throughput, and low resources consumption.

Key Features

  • Execute the pipeline in Streaming if possible and in DOM if not.
  • Execute the pipeline in Streaming only and fail when it is not possible.
  • Execute several steps of the pipeline in parallel.

Key Benefits

  • Implement a W3C standart.
  • Augment the speed of your data processing.
  • An open source version of QuiXProc.

Learn More

Go to the QuiXProc website and register to have access to Innovimax’s compilation Services.