Call for Tutorials


  • Tutorial proposal deadline: February 8th, 2017
  • Tutorial acceptance decision: March 8th, 2017
  • Date of the conference: September 4-8th, 2017


Tutorials at ECAL will cover any topics related to the artificial life conferences (ECAL or ALIFE). They will be presented by experts in the domain, and will address either beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

ECAL will provide a 2-hour slot for each tutorial. It is suggested that a tutorial fits within one slot, but two slots may be allocated if clearly motivated. Tutorials will take place in parallel with the conference tracks.

The organisers of accepted tutorials are responsible for:

  • publicity
  • tutorial content and delivery

The ECAL 2017 committee provides:

  • suitable seminar room space (standard rooms for tutorials should fit approx. 30 attendees, please tell us if you expect more)
  • presentation equipment
  • catering
  • web hosting for a 250 word summary of the tutorial

Submission Process

A one-page description that should contain:

  • Title
  • Name, affiliation and contact details of the organizers
  • A description of the tutorial (half a page), including:
    • Scope
    • Level (beginner, intermediate, expert))
    • Target audience and why it is relevant to ECAL 2017
    • List of speakers
  • A draft of the outline of the tutorial (big ideas, general outline)

A short bio of (each of) the tutorial presenter(s) (one page)

Also, if applicable, please provide:

  • description of (software or hardware) demos and/or interactive activity
  • previous occurrences of this tutorial (dates, venues, and number of attendees)
  • link to the slides (PDF) of the previous occurrences (draft is also ok)

Tutorial proposals will be reviewed on the basis of relevance of the topic, targeted audience, expertise of the presenters, and available time slots.

Please submit your tutorial proposal to:
Nicolas Bredeche (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Tutorial chair at ECAL 2017

Your submission should be sent in a document either in plain text or PDF (exclusively). Please add the following prefix in the subject line of your e-mail: [ECAL2017-tutorial]
We look forward to seeing you in Lyon in 2017!

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