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Lexicase Selection Outperforms Previous Strategies for Incremental Evolution of Virtual Creature Controllers


Jared Moore, Adam Stanton


Date: Wednesday 6 Sept
Talk Time: TBA
Session: Evolutionary robotics 1 10:30


evolutionary robotics, lexicase, selection


Evolving robust behaviors for robots has proven to be a challenging problem. Determining how to optimize behavior for a specific instance, while also realizing behaviors that generalize to variations on the problem often requires highly customized algorithms and problem-specific tuning of the evolutionary platform. Algorithms that can realize robust, generalized behavior without this customization are therefore highly desirable. In this paper, we examine the Lexicase selection algorithm as a possible general algorithm for a wall crossing robot task. Previous work has resulted in specialized strategies to evolve robust behaviors for this task. Here, we show that Lexicase selection is not only competitive with these strategies but after parameter tuning, actually exceeds the performance of the specialized algorithms.

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