A fractal analysis toolbox for signal and image processing


FracLab is a general purpose signal and image processing toolbox based on fractal and multifractal methods.

FracLab can be approached from two different perspectives:

  • Fractal analysis : A large number of procedures allow to compute various fractal quantities associated with 1D or 2D signals, such as dimensions, Holder exponents or multifractal spectra.
  • Signal processing : Alternatively, one can use FracLab directly to perform many basic tasks in signal processing, including estimation, detection, denoising, modelling, segmentation,classification, and synthesis.

Note that FracLab is not intended to process “fractal” signals (whatever meaning is given to this word), but rather to apply fractal tools to the study of irregular but otherwise arbitrary signals.

A graphical interface makes FracLab easy to use and intuitive. In addition, various wavelet-related tools are available in FracLab.


FracLab is a free software developed in the Anja team at Inria Rennes / Laboratoire Jean Leray – Université de Nantes.

It mainly consists of routines developed in Matlab version 8.5 (R2015a) and some routines developed in C-code. It runs under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux environments.

A stand alone version running under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux environments is also available.


Conditions for use

This Software is ( Copyright INRIA . 1998 2017 )

INRIA  holds all the ownership rights on the Software. The scientific community is asked to use the SOFTWARE in order to test and evaluate it.

INRIA freely grants the right to use modify the Software, integrate it in another Software. Any use or reproduction of this Software to obtain profit or for commercial ends being subject to obtaining the prior express authorization of INRIA.

INRIA authorizes any reproduction of this Software.

  • in limits defined in clauses 9 and 10 of the Berne agreement for the protection of literary and artistic works respectively specify in their paragraphs 2 and 3 authorizing only the reproduction and quoting of works on the condition that :
  • “this reproduction does not adversely affect the normal exploitation of the work or cause any unjustified prejudice to the legitimate interests of the author”.
  • that the quotations given by way of illustration and/or tuition conform to the proper uses and that it mentions the source and name of the author if this name features in the source”,
  • under the condition that this file is included with any reproduction.

Any commercial use made without obtaining the prior express agreement of INRIA would therefore constitute a fraudulent imitation.

The Software beeing currently developed, INRIA is assuming no liability, and should not be responsible, in any manner or any case, for any direct or indirect damages sustained by the user.

Any user of the software shall notify at INRIA any comments concerning the use of the Sofware (e-mail : support.fraclab@inria.fr)

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